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October 15|(Still) Delayed Hamster
April 16|Soggy Food
March 19|Delayed (again) Hamster
March 8|Delayed Hamster
January 24|Itchy
January 14|Lint Brain
January 12|The Lint Bunny
January 9|Deliciously Backwards
January 7|The Many Faces of Dave
January 6|Pop


December 24|Haunted Hat
December 22|Indigestion
December 19|From the Vent
December 17|Secret Agent Vent
December 15|Walled
December 13|Crafty
December 11|Bunny-o-matic
December 8|Tastes Funny
December 6|Bad Milk
December 3|Blows
December 1|Breathe
November 28|Dustbunny: Origins
November 26|Pessimistic Bob
November 24|+1
November 21|Thinker
November 19|What Blue Cup?
November 17|The Button is All Wrong
November 14|Interrupting Gravity
November 12|Cup-Hal Needs No Friends
November 10|If Only the Button Was Square
November 7|A Button’s Day
November 5|Quick as a Bunny
November 3|Revenge of the Cup Bunny
November 1|Zombie!…?
October 31|Pick Out the Rest
October 27|Fun Fact
October 24|Squeaky
October 20|Cup Bunny
October 19|A Long Day’s Carry
October 17|Ants are Quiet
October 15|When the Bunny’s Away
October 13|Rubber Tree Plant
October 12|I Know You Know I Know What You’re Thinking