Aft Smell

December 22, 2008 | Comments Off

If a lower arm is also a forearm, couldn’t an upper arm also be an aftarm? I say yes! In fact, aft and fore should be used more in casual language.

“Go to the aft of the line, please.”

“You spilled your drink all over my forepants!”

To be able to say “forepants” in an actual conversation is easily worth a spilled drink in my opinion.

Has anyone else had a smell get stuck in their nose? A smell that you know you shouldn’t be smelling because nothing near you could possibly emit that certain smell? I’ve had tuna in my nose all day. I’ve come to realize I greatly dislike the smell of tuna.

Comics will continue on a normal schedule through the next two weeks despite any holidays.


Rounded Numbers

December 5, 2008 | Comments Off

I recently added some CSS to make most of the corners round-ish. Unfortunately, it only works for certain browsers (sorry IE, no rotund love for you). I suppose I could make a few corner graphics and use them instead, but that would involve actually making the graphics which could very well take hundreds of seconds! Plus, having to use an Internet connection I can only describe as “laughably slow” (sometimes it makes me laugh so hard I cry), I’m trying to keep extraneous graphics to a minimum. And no, the comic is not an extraneous graphic.

Also, there was probably a reason I left some comics out of the numbering system. It was most likely a very good and important reason. Can I remember this reason of mine? Absolutely not! So over the weekend I will be updating all the comics (after #9) to a more consistent numbering system.

On a side note, you may have noticed the update schedule was/is a bit wonky this week. My only excuse is the quite lame and extremely unhelpful: Hey, I’ve been busy! Well it looks like I’m going to be fairly busy again next week, so don’t be too surprised if “Monday-Wednesday-Friday” becomes “Monday afternoon-Thursday-Saturday night”.

Now, for your viewing pleasure:

I take a pipe wrench with me everywhere now. No one ever wants to fight…


November 9, 2008 | Comments Off

When a video has you imitating a dancing cat all day, you know it’s good. Also, I’d hate to mooch off a guy and his dancing cat, so check out some of his other videos here: (

Someone help me. I can’t stop replaying it!